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10 things to do and see in Orange

10 things to do and see in Orange

Like Arles and Nimes, Orange too has preserved in a good way some remains of the Roman domination. The Arc de Triomphe and the Ancient Theatre are two monuments protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. But the city attracts for much more: sunshine, good food, excellent wine, friendly people and lots to see.

In this page we suggest you 5 things to do and see during a holiday or a weekend in Orange.

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The Ancient Theatre of Orange


The Ancient Theatre of Orange is the best preserved of the West. Built at the beginning of the Christian era, it owes its fame to the perfect state of preservation. The stage wall and the auditorium are still perfectly visible. The Theatre is a gem of acoustic, obtained thanks to the niches (in one of these there is a statue of Augustus) and 76 columns used to absorb the sound. The North façade has been defined by King Louis XIV as “the most beautiful wall of my kingdom.” The 9,000 places, divided by social class, allowed the inhabitants of Orange to enjoy comedies, tragedies, dances and various performances. This planning  was useful  to introduce and adopt the language and Roman culture to the Gauls. As happened to other nearby monuments of Arles and Nîmes, even the theatre had many functions during the centuries: burnt down in 300, lost its original function that would have regained only in 19th century. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because the only one in the world to preserve the original stage wall.

Where: old town centre in Orange
How to get there: by feet
January, February, November and December: 9:30am – 4.30 pm
March and October: 9:30 am – 5.30 pm
April, May and September: 9 am – 6pm
June: 9 am – 7 pm
July and August: 9 am – 8 pm
Ticket: Theatre + Museum of Art and History + Audio guide: € 9.5

Arch de Triompheof Orange


As the best Roman tradition, the Arch was built to celebrate the Emperor Tiberius and the victory of the Second Legion Gallica which founded Orange. Both sides are perfectly preserved after a very successful restoration lasted many years. You will enjoy the marine symbolism about Augustus victory over Antony and Cleopatra. The Arc is located 500 meters outside the historic centre, along the ancient Via Agrippa that linked Orange to Lyon and Arles. The territory of Orange has been for centuries subjected to floods and other natural phenomena, then Romans decided to found a city to show the Empire’s power. The Arc de Triomphe is the celebration of this will. Place at the end of the straightaway, it appeared to travellers as an imposing element, a sign of power that still today create fear and reverence.


Arch de Triompheof Orange
Arch de Triompheof Orange

The Old Town Centre in Orange


A walking tour through the old town centre of Orange allows you to discover some beautiful remains of a thousand-year history of the city. The Museum of Art and History, which is located in front of the theatre, gathers the decoration found or removed during the restoration work. Do not miss a visit to the Church of Our Lady of Nazareth with a beautiful Romanesque portal in Provençal style. Then take a walk and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a southern French town: outdoor seating, tree-lined avenues, squares with fountains.

Things to eat in Orange


The cuisine is typically Provençal but here it goes with two extraordinary wines: Cote du Rone and Chateneuf du Pape, which are typical of the Orange area. Do not miss a visit to the Palace of the 600 wines, a unique place where 150 independent winemakers sell their products, along with wine, oil and other local products. It is located on National Route 7 (just outside the center) and is open every day (except Sunday) until 7 pm.

Where to sleep in Orange


You will find this destination in every tour in Provence. Orange is a must for lovers of art, but it does not have many hotels to welcome tourists. There are about 30 structures in the old town and close to it. The welcome is typically Provençal and the prices are fairly high, the same of the other Provençal destinations. If you leave the centre and go in Chambre’D’Hote (farms), prices start from 50 € per night per couple. In the hotel in the old town, however, a double room price in a 3 star hotel start  from 70 euro per night. Remember that in France, breakfast is not included and can cost up to 15 euro per person!

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